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This information was supplied by Deb Lindop, Community Development Officer at Cheshire East Council.

Ref: two new funding sources, please also note the very tight funding deadlines.

1.    Cheshire Community Foundation – Longer Term Emergency Support Fund (deadline August 12th)

available to all VCFSE organisations,  Parish and Town Councils are eligible if the activity is not deemed part of statutory duties.  The Foundation realises that organisations will be returning to business as usual and they do not want to lose activity that has supported, and can continue to support the most vulnerable during this time.

 If organisations or partnerships of organisations need to make an application to cover any future costs relating to being a Volunteer Coordination Point, opportunity exists to do so.

 2.    Emergency Coronavirus Support Fund (deadline August 17th)

 Opportunity for VCFSE organisations to make an application to the Emergency Coronavirus Community Support Fund to continue to support the most vulnerable during this time.

 From our discussions with the Lottery they would be keen on more applications from Cheshire East, especially from organisations who have provided support and become stronger through the crisis.

 Any groups or partnerships considering making an application and needing support please get in touch with or  especially as potential exists! Please be inspired and get in touch!

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This information was supplied by Deb Lindop, Community Development Officer at Cheshire East Council.

New funding and training opportunity.

Great funding opportunity - new funding opportunity that Cheshire East Council has been launched, please see the attached press release, grant process, guidance and application form. I really hope some of you can take advantage of this to support the great work across Nantwich and rural of course you can rely on my support and that of a new colleague so if you have an idea please be in touch.

Training offer also attached which I know will be useful for all staff and volunteers working with the public supporting others during the crisis - this is especially useful to People Helping People volunteers and Connected Community Centres as they prepare to reopen.

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This poem was composed by Jenny Howarth.

Covid - 19

The R rate, it’s getting too high,
Meaning more innocent people will die,
Protests, large groups and so much more,
Please think what your doing, I’m shocked to the core,
It’s a simple request, social distance, keep safe,
It shouldn’t have to be rammed in your face,
It’s not forever, this pandemic will be in our past,
But lets put it there quicker, it’s spreading too fast,
If you look at yourself and think you’ll be fine,
Think of the vulnerable suffering down the line,
It doesn’t take much for this virus to spread,
Family and friends catching it I genuinely dread,
My friends and colleagues, NHS staff,
Are risking their lives, this isn’t a laugh,
It’s much more serious than some people think,
Pushing the country to the absolute brink,
But we can stop this, we can win,
Just listen to the advice and please STAY IN.
It could save your life, your families and friends,
So let’s stop this now and fight for the end.

The poem has also been featured in an article on Nantwich News.

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Most of this information was supplied by Deb Lindop, Community Development Officer at Cheshire East Council.

Cheshire East Coronavirus information.

As well as their Covid 19 information hub, Cheshire East have published information covering various aspects of the Covid 19 situation.

General support and advice.

Press releases

Advice for carers

Domestic abuse

Mental health.


Energy supplies


Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice Cheshire East has a number of ways people can continue to get advice at this time. They say:-

  • People can contact us by email and phone; if you have an issue you’d like help with direct from us, complete this form and we will be in touch
  • People can reach us by calling 03444 111 444. This is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
  • People can chat online to an adviser by visiting the Citizens Advice website at

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