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Most of this information was supplied by Deb Lindop, Community Development Officer at Cheshire East Council.

Cheshire East Coronavirus information.

As well as their Covid 19 information hub, Cheshire East have published information covering various aspects of the Covid 19 situation.

General support and advice.

Press releases

Advice for carers

Domestic abuse

Mental health.


Energy supplies


Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice Cheshire East has a number of ways people can continue to get advice at this time. They say:-

  • People can contact us by email and phone; if you have an issue you’d like help with direct from us, complete this form and we will be in touch
  • People can reach us by calling 03444 111 444. This is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.
  • People can chat online to an adviser by visiting the Citizens Advice website at

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This item was submitted by the Amenities Committee

Hankelow Fete Cancelled

Due to the corona virus our traditional summer fete which was to be held on June 28th has been cancelled.

We look forward to next year and being able to help local charities.

Stay safe

Val Morrey and the Hankelow Amenities Group

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This item was submitted by Kirk Shenton

A Note from the Shentons

The Shentons' have lived at Hankelow Hall for more than thirty years and have been instrumental in the transformation of The Green at Hankelow.

Thirty years ago there were virtually no trees on The Green, apart from around the pond.

As Tree Warden, I have supplied, planted specimen trees all around the green. To purchase, plant, stake and strap each tree and replace when damaged or dead, has cost in excess of £100 per tree, on average, especially bearing in mind, one of the trees was replaced three times. Over the years, this has cost many thousands of pounds and is ongoing.

Approximately 29 years ago, the pond was covered in reeds and weed, far removed from what it is today. Elliott Hulme together with ourselves, emptied and dug the pond out. This cost was split between us and was in the thousands. When it was completed, I had given to me by Jim Barrie, a load of stone to form an island in the middle. Unfortunately, during this operation, whilst tipping the spoils which had been dug out, one of the tractor drivers broke an electric pole and we stood the cost.

Around the same time, we took it upon ourselves to remove an eyesore, being the concrete and wire fencing around the water terminal by the Bus Stop. We cleared it, put a few slabs down, purchased a quantity of shrubs which we planted with the help of lvor Howarth and Mike Wilson. Again the cost was borne by ourselves.

Some years later, we purchased 5000 mixed Daffodil bulbs and planted them. They were planted by a dozen local lads who worked so hard and that afternoon, we bought them lots of free ale at The White Lion, in payment.

Over the past month, we have cut down two large diseased Chestnuts, removed the tree stumps and planted three specimen trees in their place. The cost of all this work is in excess £1,000. We have received a cheque from the Parish Council for £600, which we are donating to the White Lion Restoration Fund.

We recently widened Hall Lane which was incidentally part of our Planning Permission. However the maintenance, which we pay for, is not part of the Planning Permission. For example today, we are paying for the lane to be swept by Watsons Plant Hire.

Hope this goes some way to informing people who have more recently moved into Hankelow what the Shentons have achieved for the love and betterment of the village, to give a better understanding of what has transpired over the years at a cost in excess of £30K.


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A comforting gesture

Just to pass on our thanks to whoever is responsible for switching on the "Christmas lights" on the green.

We are privileged to overlook the tree from our kitchen window and feel that it's such a lovely comforting gesture during such challenging times.  We're so lucky to live in the countryside and have homes with gardens and be able to walk freely in the countryside.

Many thanks and stay safe and healthy everyone in Hankelow and surrounding areas!

Gill and John Howell

Dunelm House

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This item was submitted on behalf of Mary and Geoff Cope

Thanks for the offers of help

Mary and Geoff Cope would like to say how grateful they are to all the people of the village who have offered to help at this time.

This item was submitted by Derek Smith

Lost Yale-type Key

A Yale-type key was found recently outside No. 1, Manor Fields, in Hall Lane. If you have lost your key, go to the house, or ring Derek on 811256

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This item was submitted by Hankelow Parish Council

A.D.C.A. and the virus

Hankelow Parish Council are pleased to share with everyone the action which Audlem & District Community Action (A.D.C.A.) is taking together with Buerton, Hatherton and Walgherton Parish Councils with support from Audlem Parish Council and Cheshire East Council to support people over 70 and those with significant health conditions who are now having to self- isolate in their own homes.

A.D.C.A. are also now working with Audlem Medical Practice, Boots Chemists, the local churches and The Public Hall Committee in establishing a well coordinated and professional response in our local community.

A.D.C.A have now closed all their day clubs and coffee clubs and A.D.C.A staff and volunteers have arranged support at home for the over 80 older people they currently support.

A.D.C.A are now looking to extend that support to any other people who are having to self-isolate in our rural community who may need support with the delivery of food and essentials, medical prescription deliveries and support by telephone. If you are in this position, please ring the A.D.C.A. Number 07984 785907. A.D.C.A is aiming to have this number staffed 7 days a week shortly, but for now bear with them. Please leave a message and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

A.D.C.A are operating from the Audlem Public Hall Annexe but would prefer people to phone in or email them rather than calling in. They already have a number of additional volunteers who have offered to join their team. They are looking for more volunteers, so if you are able, please also ring 07984 785907 to offer your help. A.D.C.A is also continuing to support the 100 or so carers they are currently in touch with but any carers who need help for themselves and their cared for, please contact A.D.C.A.

People can also email A.D.C.A on to pass on their information and requests for help.


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This item was submitted by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

Temporary withdrawl of the Hankelow Neighbourhood Plan.

Some of you may have already seen that our Neighbourhood Plan has been withdrawn from the Regulation 16 consultation on the Cheshire East website. This is due to a complaint by the owner of the land opposite the Chapel, on the basis that the Site Options and Assessment report 1rovided by AECOM did not correctly represent his submissions to the Hankelow Call for Sites in 2017.

To ensure everything is done correctly, AECOM will be producing an addendum to their report in the next few weeks. Once this has been received the plan will be updated if necessary and resubmitted to Cheshire East.

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