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The prelude to spring wasn't very good. There had been lots of rain, even some snow, but by the end of February things were starting to look up

Sheep at Woolfall February 1st
Sudden snowfall February 10th
Snowdrops starting to show on the green
Floods starting to recede

During March the sun came out and the blossom and daffodils started appearing

Early spring flowers, March 6th.
The Daffodils were in full bloom in the second week of March...
... including those in the dip.
As the trees came into bloom, the CV19 lockdown began

At the end of March we went into lockdown

There are lots of nice walks that we could use for our daily excercise - this is Mill Lane  on March 31st
Rainbows of Hope started to appear - April 3rd
For some Hankelow residents, life goes on as normal - April 4th in Mill Lane
Lights in thankfulness for the NHS April 8th

Thankfully, the spring flowers continued to come through in April...

Spring flowers by Corbrook April 10th
Bluebells in Mill Lane April 16th
The first ducklings appeared on the pond April 20th (photo by Derek Smith)
A pleasant view in Hall Lane April 20th (photo by Ian Jones)

...and on into May

Wild Campion in Mill Lane, May2nd
Trees in full leaf on the top meadow behind the Court, May 8th (Photo by Ian Jones)
A bank of wild garlic near Birchall Bridge, May 8th
May blossom on the A529, May 22nd


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