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Information about the South Cheshire village of Hankelow

The Duck House on the pond has been refurbished

The Duck House disappeared...
...but it soon came back
A very desirable island property...
...ready for immediate occupation

and two horse-chestnuts which had become dangerous have been removed and replaced

The trees were felled...
The trees were felled...
The trees were felled...
...and then the clearup began

Lots of chainsaw work
Logs all gone, ready for a fire
Just a pile of ash left...
...and a couple of stumps
New trees arriving courtest of Kirk and the lads - a Lime...
... and a black walnut. Derek is holding it ready for the planting team.
The final touches

Postscript - The stumps were removed on April 7th

Stumps are being removed, April 7th
They have gone...
...leaviing the green neat and tidy

and two more trees added, April 15th

Two more trees, April 15th
A lime and a red maple


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